Pursuing new possibilities beyond domain and
industry boundaries



Always seeking new possibilities, we actively engage in the co-development of underlying technology with various organizations, such as government agencies, administrative bodies, and research institutions.

Through collaboration with universities, research institutions, and companies that have expertise and knowledge we do not have, we research and develop new technology, create new businesses, and contribute to society.

A wealth of experience and proven technology to support advanced research

Our technology is used to make a variety of research equipment used in advanced research. This ultimately contributes to the development of next-generation researchers and advanced research that paves the way to a new world.

Contribution to research on solar energy-based carbon dioxide recycling

Solar-radiation-concentrating reactor

In the research and development of a solar-radiation-concentrating reactor, which decomposes gases at high temperatures by capturing sunlight, we proposed the design using our high-temperature furnace technology, and then processed and manufactured the reactor. This reactor was sold to a research institution for the development of a new system that recycles carbon dioxide using solar energy. This is expected to help achieve carbon neutrality, and future results will attract close attention.



FY2006 Creative Technology R&D Project, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Development of ice water blast device.

FY2007–2009: Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Development of technology for high-precision warm press forming technology for large square tube casings.

FY2008–2009: Priority Region R&D Program, Japan Science and Technology Agency

Technical development for compressive residual stress application by ultrasonic cavitation.

FY2011–2012: Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Development of method for microporous burrs by ultrasonic cavitation.

FY2014–2016: Development of Medical Devices through Collaboration between Medicine and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Development and commercialization of a new artificial prosthesis system by applying new materials that optimize mechanical strength and modulus of elasticity at each part.

FY2014–2016: Project to Create New Industries using Forest Reserves, Kita Ward, Niigata City

Development of an automatic undergrowth-mowing robot.

FY2015–2017: Project to Support Nuclear Power Science and Technology and Human Resources through the Intensive Application of Knowledge, Strategic Research Program for Nuclear Power Infrastructure, Accelerated Reactor Decommissioning Program, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Development of dehydration and fixation technology for the safe long-term storage, treatment, and disposal of secondary waste slurry from contaminated water treatment and concentrated waste liquid.

FY2019-2021: Project to Promote Nuclear Science and Technology and Human Resource Development by Concentrating Wisdom, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

International Cooperation Nuclear Decommissioning Research Program (Japan-U.K. Nuclear Joint Research)
Exploration of alkaline stimulating material with high flowability and anion nuclide retentivity and safe and effective solidification of various radioactive wastes

SCARA robot type Ice Water Blast

Warm press molding for large square tube case



FY2006: Wazazukuri Support Subsidy, Niigata Prefecture

Development of DME-fueled industrial furnace.

FY2007: SME/Venture Challenge Support Project, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Development of deburring device with deep hole intersection.

FY2010: Added Value Support Subsidy Project, Niigata Industrial Creation Organization

Improving the surface quality and extending the operating life of cutting tools and blades with ultrasonic cavitation.

FY2013: Prototype Development Support for Monozukuri SMEs, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

Development of a new firing furnace using fluid analysis.

FY2015: Technical Development Subsidy, Niigata Industrial Promotion Center

Development of stabilization treatment technology for hydrous debris using a new composite material.

FY2020: Innovation Promotion Business, Niigata Industrial Creation Organization

Development of technology for full-scale solidification of radioactive wastes

DEM fuel industrial furnaces