Diverse and detailed analysis technology for
further innovation

Analysis and Simulation

Pursue every possibility and give our best

We have unique analysis know-how based on the combination of fluid analysis, heat transfer analysis, and structural analysis accumulated using the cutting-edge analysis software Ansys. With this technology, we can quickly design safe products while efficiently satisfying customer demands.
It also allows us to actively work on high-novelty projects and designs.
This is indispensable as we constantly seek new possibilities.


Visualize “invisible” temperature, speed, and flow direction

The Ansys analysis technology visualizes invisible temperature, speed, and flow direction. The analysis results can significantly improve performance, solve problems, and prevent problems from occurring.

Ansys makes it possible to perform analyses in an untestable environment or conditions without physical restrictions, such as analyzing equipment before manufacturing and at ultra-high temperatures, ultra-high pressures, or ultra-low pressures.
Determining a prototype direction based on structural analysis using Ansys greatly reduces the number of prototypes to be created, leading to eco-friendly sustainable manufacturing with lower material costs.

Gas flow inside a device with a stirring fan
Temperature distribution of a product
Gas speed around a product
Deformation image in an operating environment