Privacy Policy

ADVAN ENG Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) shall legally, fairly, and transparently handle the personal information of customers and clients (collectively “users”) who use our employees, website, products, services, and other business activities (collectively “services”) based on this Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”).

1. Handling of personal information

(1) Personal information to be collected

The Company shall collect the following personal information regarding the services in a legal and fair manner. Unless otherwise permitted by law, the Company shall collect the following personal information within the extent required to achieve the purposes of use stated in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Contact information (name, phone number, address, e-mail address, etc.)
  2. Transaction information (inquiry, purchase, warranty claim, customer service, etc.)
  3. Usage information (preference information such as purchase history and Internet information such as action history and attribute information)
  4. Mechanically retrieved information (operation and location information used for the services retrieved from the Company’s products, etc.)
  5. Personal information of job and internship applicants

(2) Purposes of use of personal information

The purposes of use of personal information (except for the preceding paragraph (1)-(e)) are as follows:

  1. Transaction related
    • To deliver services and send service transaction documents such as invoices
    • To notify business information
    • To respond to inquiries or requests from users
    • To provide transactional credit for sales, credit, or lease agreements to users and monitor it when they apply for the Company’s services
  2. Customer support
    • To notify periodic inspection and promote after-sale services
    • To solicit participation in customer satisfaction surveys on the services
  3. Improvement of services
    • To develop services and analyze their marketing
    • To manage and operate this website (troubleshooting, data analysis, tests, surveys, etc.)
  4. Promotion and advertisement
    • To communicate with users about the Company’s services
    • To notify seminars, exhibitions, or demonstrations held (hosted, co-hosted, sponsored, or supported) by the Company
  5. For other purposes specified during collection

The purposes of use of personal information of job and internship applicants are as follows:

  • ●To provide recruitment or internship information to applicants or communicate with them
  • ●To conduct surveys on recruitment or internship
  • ●For other general recruitment or internship businesses

The Company shall use collected personal information within the extent required to achieve the purposes of use.
When there is a need to use collected personal information for anything other than the above purposes of use, the Company shall obtain the consent of the user, unless otherwise permitted by law.

(3) Retention period

The Company shall retain the personal information of users during the period required to achieve the purposes of use stated in the Privacy Policy.
When the period required to achieve the purposes of use or the period specified by law passes, the Company shall delete the relevant personal information or make the target users unidentifiable in a timely manner.

(4) Sharing of personal information

  1. Transaction related

    The Company may outsource the handling of personal information to external companies to provide users with better services.
    The Company shall choose outsourced companies that are qualified to properly handle personal information and stipulate matters to be observed in a legal act, such as a contract, to ensure proper management to protect personal information.

  2. Sharing with third parties

    The Company shall not provide personal information to third parties without the consent of the user, unless otherwise specified in the Privacy Policy. If permitted by law, however, the Company may provide personal information to necessary third parties without the consent of the user.

(5) Procedure for disclosure of personal information

To disclose, correct, delete, or cancel (hereinafter collectively referred to as “disclose” or “disclosure”) the personal information provided by users, contact the Company through “Contact” in the Privacy Policy.
When the Company confirms that a request has been made by a user and finds it necessary to disclose the information according to the provisions of laws, the Company shall disclose it in a rational, timely manner.
Note that the requesting party (who is confirmed to be a user) may be charged a handling fee for disclosure.

(6) Cookies

The Company may use cookies for the services. For details on the handling of cookies, see the Cookie Policy.

2. Safety management measures for personal information

The Company shall set up an information management system and perform appropriate safety measures, such as technical safety management measures and organizational safety management measures, to prevent unauthorized access from outside or the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of the personal information and to protect the integrity and safety of the information.
As physical safety management measures and personnel safety management measures, the Company shall also limit access by outsiders to offices that handle personal information, provide training and awareness-raising to all executives and employees involved in the Company’s personal information protection, and appoint a management supervisor for each division that handles personal information for proper management.

3. Continuous improvement

The Company shall continuously review and revise the initiatives for personal information protection to adapt to changes in applicable laws, handling methods, and environments.

4. Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Company may revise the Privacy Policy without prior notice due to changes in laws, necessary business reasons, or other reasons.
Any revisions made to the Privacy Policy shall take effect when they are posted on the Company’s website.

5. Inquiries about personal information protection

If you have any inquiries about the Privacy Policy, contact the Company through “Contact.”

Last update: April 1, 2023