Subsidized Projects

FY2006Wazazukuri Support Subsidy, Niigata Prefecture : Development of DME-fueled industrial furnace.
FY2007SME/Venture Challenge Support Project, Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry : Development of deburring device with deep hole intersection.
FY2010Added Value Support Subsidy Project, Niigata Industrial Creation Organization: Improving the surface quality and extending the operating life of cutting tools and blades with ultrasonic cavitation.
FY2013Prototype Development Support for Monozukuri SMEs, The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency: Development of a new firing furnace using fluid analysis.
FY2015Technical Development Subsidy, Niigata Industrial Promotion Center: Development of stabilization treatment technology for hydrous debris using a new composite material.
DEM fuel industrial furnaces
DEM fuel industrial furnaces