ADVAN ENG.’s Approaches to the SDGs

SDGs poster

At ADVAN ENG, our business philosophy is to “raise our value to society.” As a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and waste disposal facilities, we have endeavored to develop products aimed at conserving energy and alleviating environmental impacts throughout our more than 55-year history. We will continue to enhance our social value and make contributions toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by engaging in business activities that are consistent with the goals’ principles.

Our approaches to the SDGs

1. No poverty 8. Decent work and economic growth 9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure 12. Responsible consumption, production 17. Partnerships for the goals

Helping bring stability to sustained economic activity by building a global network

  • We contribute to economic and employment stability in regions around the world by expanding our overseas sales and procurement networks.
  • We help improve sustainability by providing guidance on technologies, quality, and production management to our overseas partners.
  • We help generate local employment by actively recruiting non-Japanese employees.
3. Good health and well-being

Developing products that prevent hazardous chemical emissions as well as air, water, and soil pollution

  • We help prevent air pollution by adopting combustion technologies that reduce emissions of hazardous chemicals.
  • We put priority on using people- and environment-friendly materials.
4. Quality education 8. Decent work and economic growth

Providing young people with opportunities for high-quality technical and vocational education

  • Through internships, joint research with universities, and other endeavors, we provide young people with work experience opportunities that help them acquire technical and vocational skills.
5. Gender equality

Providing workplaces in which women can fully demonstrate their abilities and succeed。

  • We strive to eliminate all forms of gender inequality in the workplace and promote the creation of work environments in which women can fully demonstrate their abilities and succeed.
7. Affordable and clean energy 13. Climate action

Striving to conserve energy and resources by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving energy efficiency

  • We help reduce CO2 by providing customers who develop and manufacture new CO2-reducing products and materials with high value-added equipment that makes use of advanced technologies in the areas of ultra-high temperature, high vacuum, and high pressure.
  • We endeavor to conserve resources by developing highly fuel-efficient and energy-efficient equipment using advanced thermal and fluid analysis simulation technologies.
9. Industry, innovation, infrastructure 12. Responsible consumption, production 13. Climate action

Striving to reduce and recycle waste and developing waste treatment technologies

  • We develop new solidification technologies that are suitable for radioactive waste treatment and contaminated soil remediation.
  • We help reduce waste by operating an efficient procurement system that does not produce excess inventory.
  • We appropriately separate waste and actively recycle it.
  • We actively use recycled materials as part of our contribution to a recycling-oriented society.